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The Difference Between Winter and Summer Tires

The main two seasons that always matter the most when it comes to tires are winter and summer. You have your winter tires and your summer ties. Is there that much of a difference between the two? The short answer is yes. Tires make a large impact on the health of your car and its fuel efficiency. If you want to make sure that your car is receiving the best fuel economy that it can, then read this article to understand the difference between winter and summer tires.

1. Tread
Perhaps the largest difference between winter and summer tires has to do with the tread. Now that the season is transitioning into summer, you may decide just to keep your winter tires on your car. This isn’t a great idea. You should make the necessary switch to some tires escondido ca that are made for the summer during the summer season because they have less tread. Winter tires need a lot of tread because it helps the car plow through the snow and ice that can cover a road. The thicker tread helps the car keep itself on the road rather than slipping off into the ditch. While California may not see a lot of snow, it does deal with rain and mud. Winter tires are effective against those materials, too. The larger treads basically ensure that the car doesn’t slip around and go off-roading.

So, how does this help with fuel economy? In the summer, you want slimmer and smoother tread. No longer do you have to worry about snow, ice, mud, and rain on the road. Your car is less likely to slide around on the road. With more grip stemming from the thicker tread, it also means your car has to work just a bit harder to push itself forward. A sleeker and slimmer tread removes this. Your car is able to glide along the road with ease. While it may be marginal, it is still something that affects your car’s fuel economy.

2. Size
Winter tires are also typically wider than summer tires. Again, this is to help them stay on the road. The more surface that the car has on the road, the better it can control itself when driving over those slippery areas. Summer tires are usually smaller and thinner. It requires less surface to touch the road in order to stay on it. Similar to tread, the surface area also determines the fuel economy of the car. With less surface area, the car has less to push along the road. This results in a greater fuel economy score. The opposite is true for larger surface areas.

Choose The Right Tire
Tires are an important part of your car. They not only help determine how safe your car is on the road but they also can determine its fuel economy. With this information in hand, you should make the appropriate tire switch seasonally.

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Replace Windshield On Antique Cars

Thankfully, the windshield on my vehicle isn’t the original one that came with the car. I drive an old vehicle. It’s a classic car with historic license plates, so you can imagine how the original windshield was made of a thick glass that could have been dangerous upon impact. If you get into an accident with a vehicle that’s equipped with thick glass from the olden days, you could end up with severe lacerations and other injuries. The vehicles we buy today are equipped with a different type of glass that is safer to passengers when the vehicle is involved in an accident. Modern windshields use a type of laminated glass that is manufactured to break apart differently when the vehicle gets into an accident.

Of course we never intend to get into trouble on the road in our historic vehicles. Some of the antique car owners I know are adamant about keeping their original windshields in place. Having all the original parts on a car makes it special to collectors. Original parts are called stock parts because they came with the vehicles when they were made at the dealership. I like to put stock parts under the hood of my car, and the interior of my car is completely made to resemble the way it left the manufacturer, but there are some modern day safety standards that are better than the original stock parts.

Having the glass replaced on my antique car wasn’t something that was easily accomplished by myself. I have maintained the vehicle since I bought it a few decades ago, but I am not a mechanic. I can do much of the work a mechanic would do with the tools and knowledge I have. However, I do not have an auto shop I looked online for any  auto glass replacement services lincoln park il, so I don’t want to mess the glass up by trying to do it on my own. I sought the help of auto glass replacement services Lincoln Park IL. when I decided it was time to change my windshield to the modern safety standard. The professionals knew how to make the switch the modern windshield without damaging the part. I don’t know if I would have the same luck as they did.

Professional mechanics know how to adjust the tension on a windshield perfectly. They use certain tools to calibrate the windshield and line up the glass correctly before inserting weather stripping. Weather stripping keeps the moisture from coming inside the vehicle when it rains or snows. If I would have tried to replace these parts myself, I might have ended up breaking the glass, and it is a very expensive part to experiment with.

I’m grateful for the work done by this professional company. My antique car has been driving great since I bought it, and the upgrades I’ve done to the safety standards of this vehicle make it the perfect car to drive my family around on a beautiful summer day.

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Help in the Midnight Hour

Coming outside your home, place of employment, grocery store or just a building in general to find your car won’t start or your tire is on flat. That is a horrible feeling and only stress free if you’re able to do something about it. Always have a plan in place for situations like this.

The unexpected incident happens

Usually when your car is out of commission or in need of work, means there was some lack of care or missed signs. The car usually lets you know when something is about to go out. Then there are times where it’s suddenly. And you must act quickly to get it taken care of.

Situations like a flat tire, that happens out of nowhere or starts with a slow leak. Sometimes there’s a construction site on the side of the road, and they don’t clean. Then you have the nail in the tire. You may even get the bump in the road from the pot whole you didn’t see. If you hit the pothole, it means you saw at the last minute. Otherwise you would have avoided it all together. Taken care of your vehicle is important. This helps avoid broken down cars on the side of the road.

Who to call in time of need?

If there is no service in place with your insurance or any on hand roadside assistance. There’s always a  24 hour emergency towing anaheim ca. When you have access to a tow company it’s so much easier on you. The automotive care is important because your car or truck gets you where you need to be. There are more and more automotive services becoming available. You can now pay a monthly service for automotive incidents.

Whenever something breaks down on your car and it goes to be serviced. You now have an option to call your automotive service company and have them take care of the repair bill. This is a relief and keeps a person from stressing out about a broken-down vehicle.

Know what you’re getting into

There are so many new vehicles now, different makes and models. Try to get a car you’re familiar with. Keep the handbook handy so you can read about the care of your car. People usually stick to what they know.

Usually when people purchase a vehicle, they may have already had in mind what they want. People tend to stick with what they know, the same vehicle model. Only because they know what to expect and they know when there is something wrong. They’ve had the same make or model before. They’re familiar with any issues the vehicles have and if they’re safe to drive or not.

If you take care of your car, your car will take care of you. Remember to do the mandatory updates on your vehicle. So, when something happens it doesn’t surprise you. Keeping up with the maintenance of your vehicle saves you a lot of money. So, if something happens to your vehicle then it’s just something minor. Because you’ve done your part with the upkeep of your vehicle…

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Automobiles Are Rewarding In Several Ways

Automobiles are a fascinating subject to many people. Having the ability to drive regularly makes several difficult things possible. This is the case for people commuting many miles to and from work multiple times a week. It is also true for an individual delivering groceries to his uncle all the way across town. Automobiles may not be necessary to live, but they sure do make the moments in life much easier and satisfying. Maintaining a vehicle is one challenge that a driver should look forward to. It is a very convenient thing to own a car and a person should realize that, offering as much energy and dedication into the quality of the ride as they possibly can. We all want the very best in handling, speed, safety and comfort but we can’t always afford everything we want in life. Vehicles are good in many ways: new, old, gently used, salvage title. Purposes can be sold in a variety of ways. It starts with the kind of car that you should look into driving based on your needs.

What Year, Bro?

Some folks like to boast of their ability to afford the most expensive luxury vehicle on the lot or travel to Spain for a year and not have to worry about any sort of fiscal obligation. People take with them different motivations behind communicating. Some like to show off a fancy car. Others appreciate being able to freely hop into their truck whenever they so please, no matter the year. A running vehicle will do its job time and time again over the course of its lifespan. What a vehicle transports isn’t limited to people. It is also responsible for a number of different things.

Getting to a place doesn’t always have to look pretty as long as one gets there. Maybe a person works in the country hauling supplies around several miles of dirt road and scenic growth. When the time comes for purchasing a new vehicle and they are convinced that it is finally right, it is advised they look around for any commercial trucks for sale in a number of different outlets. Vehicles are always going to be available for purchase, but one needs to make sure they are finding the right one.


Tactics are only as good as their ability to adjust when strategies seem to fail. One can come up with a plan to keep their vehicle purchase price under four grand before succumbing to a pushy salesperson and taking out a restrictive loan worth far more than they can afford. One can negotiate with any dealer. It is best to remember as a buyer the freedom to walk out the door whenever they so please. There are no contracts in writing or binding structures as long as one keeps mindful of their options. There are better dealerships than others. Research will lead a person to understand the terrain in the right set of framework. The process of driving is rewarding.

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What to Consider When Buying a Used Truck

There are many types of vehicles, and people always buy one that suits their preferences. For instance, you may need a reliable car, and a truck fits that description since it is also tough. The reliability of a truck does not decline, and if you need a truck, you may opt to purchase one from a reliable factory dealer who also issues a warranty. You may also carry out some research to find which truck suits you best. Before buying the truck, also consider the following factors:

Always Work with a Budget

Trucks are one of the most expensive vehicles especially if you are purchasing a heavy-duty option. When adding some upgrades, that will cost you some substantial amount of money. Always set a budget first before proceeding to buy a trick and ensure that you can afford your truck of choice. You may also look into any trade-in offers that might come in handy when trying to substantiate the price of the truck which means you will buy it at a discounted price. Additionally, when buying a truck, you should buy one that suits your needs. If you are looking for a cheap and affordable track, you should buy a used one. Furthermore, when purchasing any used freightliner trucks minnesota, you should always carry out a pre-purchase inspection. This form of inspection will enlighten you about any potential problems that the truck may have before the purchasing process commences.

The History of the Truck

To learn more about the value of the truck, you may peruse through the internet since some online services provide such information. Through these online sources, you will learn more about issues that can affect your truck of choice among other things. If the truck does not have any negative track record, you are confident that you may use it for many years after the purchase process is complete. Furthermore, the history of the vehicle will enlighten you more about the water and frame damage, accidents, odometer issues, ownership problems, among other issues.

Consider Your Needs

People always purchase vehicles since they need to fulfill certain needs such as convenience. Before purchasing a truck, you should review your needs first. After finding a truck that suits you, you can then try and look into whether it suits your needs. For instance, your needs may be such as using the truck for personal transportation of which a truck with a powerful engine such as the V8 may be a waste of your money. A V8 engine may come in handy if you are planning to use the truck for towing among other purposes that are classified as heavy duty. Depending on your location, you may also consider whether you prefer a four-wheel-drive and will you be often using it. Nevertheless, if you need a truck, always ensure that it will fulfill your needs.

There are different types of vehicles, and they are always manufactured depending on the needs of the clients. For instance, if you need a vehicle that can be used for both personal transportation and ferrying of goods, you can purchase a truck. If you are experiencing any financial constraints, you can opt for a used truck and the factors mentioned above may guide you on what to consider before buying a used truck.…