Replace Windshield On Antique Cars

Thankfully, the windshield on my vehicle isn’t the original one that came with the car. I drive an old vehicle. It’s a classic car with historic license plates, so you can imagine how the original windshield was made of a thick glass that could have been dangerous upon impact. If you get into an accident with a vehicle that’s equipped with thick glass from the olden days, you could end up with severe lacerations and other injuries. The vehicles we buy today are equipped with a different type of glass that is safer to passengers when the vehicle is involved in an accident. Modern windshields use a type of laminated glass that is manufactured to break apart differently when the vehicle gets into an accident.

Of course we never intend to get into trouble on the road in our historic vehicles. Some of the antique car owners I know are adamant about keeping their original windshields in place. Having all the original parts on a car makes it special to collectors. Original parts are called stock parts because they came with the vehicles when they were made at the dealership. I like to put stock parts under the hood of my car, and the interior of my car is completely made to resemble the way it left the manufacturer, but there are some modern day safety standards that are better than the original stock parts.

Having the glass replaced on my antique car wasn’t something that was easily accomplished by myself. I have maintained the vehicle since I bought it a few decades ago, but I am not a mechanic. I can do much of the work a mechanic would do with the tools and knowledge I have. However, I do not have an auto shop I looked online for any  auto glass replacement services lincoln park il, so I don’t want to mess the glass up by trying to do it on my own. I sought the help of auto glass replacement services Lincoln Park IL. when I decided it was time to change my windshield to the modern safety standard. The professionals knew how to make the switch the modern windshield without damaging the part. I don’t know if I would have the same luck as they did.

Professional mechanics know how to adjust the tension on a windshield perfectly. They use certain tools to calibrate the windshield and line up the glass correctly before inserting weather stripping. Weather stripping keeps the moisture from coming inside the vehicle when it rains or snows. If I would have tried to replace these parts myself, I might have ended up breaking the glass, and it is a very expensive part to experiment with.

I’m grateful for the work done by this professional company. My antique car has been driving great since I bought it, and the upgrades I’ve done to the safety standards of this vehicle make it the perfect car to drive my family around on a beautiful summer day.